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Business Units

… data-driven multi-channel marketing within the Digital Marketing division of Bertelsmann Printing Group.…  

Sonopress expands services for U.S. Games Clients

… covers all aspects of media asset management: From digital services such as digitization, replication,…  

From LP to UHD – 60 Years of Sonopress

… is now one of the globally leading providers for digital storage media production, and the preferred service…  

Mohn Media supports university initiatives at drupa 2016

printing, intelligent packaging, 3D printing and digital media.  

Sonopress Achieves Another Milestone

… the company received the prestigious DEG Award “Best Digital Product or Service Innovation for 2016” for its…  

Sonopress Expands Production Capacity for High-resolution Storage Media

… including the prestigious DEG Award for “Best Digital Product and Service Innovation” and the TOP 100 seal…  

Mohn Media at the CO-REACH exhibition

… and tools for interlinking traditional and digital advertising channels.  

Sonopress Honored as Innovation Leader in SME Sector

… this market declined sharply with the advance of digital downloads and various streaming services, the next…  

Mohn Media Develops “Amazing Magazin”

…First augmented reality magazine for clients combines print products and virtual content  

Coral Graphics Benefits From Blockbusters

…Bertelsmann Printing Group subsidiary in the U.S. prints movie tie-in media