The Bertelsmann Printing Group unites all of Bertelsmann’s offset and gravure printing activities. In addition to full-service solutions in offset and gravure, the Group’s companies also provide digital marketing services, from multi-channel marketing to campaign management.

The Group combines a wide range of print and service offers – from prepress services and printing to mailings and distribution of a variety of different print products including magazines, books, phone books, catalogs, and brochures. As the largest printing group in Europe, it includes the German offset printing companies Mohn Media, GGP Media and Vogel Druck, the Prinovis gravure printing operations in Germany and the U.K. as well as the offset and digital printing plants Berryville Graphics, Coral Graphics and OPM in the United States. Campaign, DeutschlandCard and the Dialogue business – which includes the activities of AZ Direct in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Adality and the joint venture BeDirect – offer digital marketing services and are specialists in data-driven multichannel marketing, campaign management and customer loyalty. The Printing Group also includes the advertising agency MBS, RTV Media Group and the replication specialist Sonopress. The Bertelsmann Printing Group is headquartered in Gütersloh. 

The Bertelsmann Printing Group shapes the printing business at the very forefront of the industry. As a market leader in Europe, the division is in an excellent position to meet the challenges of the industry. Offset and gravure are increasingly converging. United under one roof, our printing businesses can work together.

Axel Hentrei, CEO Bertelsmann Printing Group

Together, the companies in the Bertelsmann Printing Group print 1.6 million tons of paper per year using gravure, offset and digital processes. Their key markets are Germany, the U.K., France and the U.S. Their clients including publishers, renowned industrial and services companies, successful mail-order companies, as well as well-known retailers and consumer goods companies.

The Bertelsmann Printing Group

  • Revenues: €1.6 billion 
  • Employees: approx. 9,000
  • Volume of paper processed per year: 1.6 million tons 
  • Headquarters: Gütersloh
  • CEO: Axel Hentrei
  • Sites: more than 20
The Bertelsmann Printing Group management team
Gernot Wolf

Press Officer

Bertelsmann Printing Group

+49 (0) 5241 80-416 25

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